A set of 24 individual bilingual blocks, the Japanese LandMarks version of Tower of Babble seeks to educate on the language of architecture. The set uses both the English and Japanese version of the words, along with their definitions, to teach a variety of terms used in the field. The set also functions as building blocks, where three different buildings from Japanese culture can be built through the use of pattern. Diagrams for Himeji castle, Tokyo tower, and Kiyomizu Dera temple are included with the original packaging, along with the ability to create new buildings through the use of pattern. 

From the five faces of the blocks, to the planning and production of the box, careful consideration was taken with all the minute details to deliver a unique Japanese experience.

DELIVERABLES: Packaging, Illustration, and Product Design    ART DIRECTION: Paul Sheriff    PHOTOGRAPHY: Austin Hart    AWARDS: Outstanding Achievement Winner, 2016 HOW Promotion & Marketing Design awards