Does your man suffer from sexist delusions? If your man has misogynistic tendencies, Phat Cream has the solution for any feministic situation. Just apply discretely to the man of your choosing and his pre-conceived delusions will instantly fly out the window.

This fictitious cream is a conceptual packaging project. The objective was to create a color-coded set of cold creams that dealt with a variety of social issues while using the name “Phat.” Being that the word itself is rooted in misogyny, the thematic device employed is re-appropriating vintage pin ups into empowered woman standing up to change their sexist husbands. These 1950s pin-ups were collaged and then combined with type and pattern representative of the era. The varieties of bottles act as different devices to combat sexist stereotypes.

DELIVERABLES: Packaging, Copy Writing    ART DIRECTION: Paul Sheriff    PHOTOGRAPHY: Austin Hart    AWARDS: Merit Award, Graphis New Talent Annual 2017