Moodsters is a collaborative branding project amongst fellow designers.  Our objective was to create a set of blocks that also served as a learning tool for emotions for young kids. A basic template for how the faces would be approached across the blocks was made, and then the moods were divided amongst the designers, to capture a variety of styles across the faces. The set features six faces capturing the emotions of happiness, anger, sadness, disgust, fear, and surprise.  The theme of monsters conveys imagination, which works well with the variety and difference of emotion. Kids are able to create specific emotions, or create unique sets of monsters of their own design.

DELIVERABLES: Branding, Product Design, Packaging, Illustration  ART DIRECTION: Bryan Satalino   FEATURED: The Hatchery (Tyler School of Art)    COLLABORATORS: Cassandra Reffner, Joe Wanovich, Missy Walsh   PHOTOGRAPHY: Austen Hart